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Friday, 07 May 2010 18:12

Parents/Patients Views:

zoya age: 2-1/2 years Miranshan North Waziristan

I Love My Daughter:
I feel I am the most helpless father in the world as I can’t lessen the suffering of my Thalassaemia Major daughter.
There are no facilities for my child in Miran Shah- North Waziristan to provide her safe and in time blood.
I am thankful of Hamza Foundation, at least they thought about my daughter and many others like her.



Spin Zar age 2 years of Shangla-Swat :
The 2 years old Spin Zar is suffering from Thalassaemia. Spin Zar comes from an extremely poor family.
We eat one time and then start thinking will we eat next time as well?
There for I have nothing to eat how can I provide my son special treatment of Thalassaemia.
I am thankful of Allah, He proved his care towards us by the helping hand of Hamza Foundation. Hamza Foundation is a Hope of Life for us.



 I Want to live longer :
Wajeeha is a registered blood cancer patient. She is 14 years old. She wants to become a teacher in future.
Her father is a lone bread earner of the family residing in Nowshera and has no resources to provide his daughter the expensive treatment of Aplastic Anemia / Blood Cancer and can not afford the expenses of BMT( bone marrow transplantation).

I am a bit relaxed because Hamza Foundation is now taking care of my daughter, says Wajeeha’s Father.


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