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About Us
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Friday, 07 May 2010 06:57


Hamza Foundation Welfare Hospital and Blood Services is a Charitable organization, runs through public Charity, Zakat,Sadaqat,qurbani hides and Donations of kind hearted people of the society.The health department is providing annual Grant-in-Aid of Rs:15,00,000/-, which is the expenses of hardly 2 months.The organization is registered with Social Welfare Departmet,Health Regulatory Authority(HRA) and SAFRON-Govt of Pakistan.Hamza Foundation is also exempted from Income Tax, under section 2(36) of the Income Tax ordinance 2001.Hamza Foundation transfuses healthy and fully screened Blood/Products , accordig to WHO required standard ,screened for Hepatitis "B", "C", HIV/AIDS , VDRL and MP, on elisa computerized equipment Free of Charge to more then 650  registered Patients , who are suffering from Thalassaemia, Hemophilia and other blood disorder diseases.Hamza Foundation is also providing Blood/Products to other deserving and poor patients of Government and private hospitals of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa ,FATA and Afghanistan.The organization is also providing free medicines, food and accommodation to these poor and deserving registered patients. Daily 35 to 40 patients receiving these free services of the organization. Besides these services , Hamza Foundation is also organizing Free Medical/Medicines camps at different far flung villages of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa and providing free medical and free medicines by its expert team of Male/Female Doctors and paramadeics to poor patients on their door step.( Till 30th April,2010 ,during 269 number of  FMCs, H.F provided Rs=55,00,000/ of free Medicines to poor patients with collaboration of Tanzeem Lissail-e-Wal Mahroom, Chief Minister Welfare Project).Hamza Foundation is playing a vital role in the society by providing its free services to the ailing humanity, therefore the organization is a "HOPE OF LIFE" for deserving and poor patients of the society.There is no permenent source of income of the organization , except public Charity.The monthly expenses of the organization according to present number of patients is Rs:6 to 7 lacs.These expenses are increasing day by day with the new registeration of new diagnosed patients.Therefore as a responsible citizen of the society , it is the time to take up the responsiblity by sharing this noble cause of Hamza Foundation, we should come forward and donate Blood,Zakat,Sadqat and donation to Hamza Foundation.It is also requested that kindly pay a kind visit to Organization by sparing some of your precious time and see by your self the services of Hamza Foundation. 
Our goal is to create awareness of Thalassemia, the most common single gene disorder worldwide, to aid the prevention of its occurrence amongst high-risk communities, and to help advance medical research dedicated towards finding an effective cure and safe treatment of this

Mr. Ijaz Ali Khan isThe Chairman and Founder of Hamza Foundation. He is also the Executive member of Thalassemia Federation of Pakistan. He is an experienced and devoted person working with full concentration side by side with other team members for the betterments of community specially in the field of health. Mr, Ijaz Ali Khan has the honoured to attend different National and International conferences/Semminars about Thalassaemia and Health care at Singapore,Dubai and Cyprus.

We have an experience mangerial team including the masters of business, NGO Management, Health Management, and M.Coms.

We have a team of highly experienced, professional medics, councilors, psychologists and vocational trainers
who have proven techniques to help you rebuild your life.

Prevention of Thalassemia
"HAMZA FOUNDATION" performs the genetic counsellings with the faimly on the arrival of new patients. as the faimly faces the trauma while knowing about the disease.

Hamza Foundation Welfare Hospital has got a sincere and hard working team of 25(full time) members. We also disseminates the information through conferces seminars, workshops, brouchers and leaflets, lectures to the target audience at different places of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa and FATA.

Board Of Directors
Mr. Sher Nawaz Khan
Chief  Custom Collector-SIND
Mr. Ishtiaq Ibrahim
Advocate High Court/ Additonal Advocate General-Peshawar High Court. 
Mr. Hakim-ud-Din
Abu Dhabi, UAE 
Mr. Zahoor Ali
Chief Executive- Cantt 2 CNG -Khazana Charsadda road.
Dr. Muhammad Anwar Khan
Fuji Foundation Hospital Peshawar.
Mr. Ajab Gul (Culture Wing) 
Actor/Film Director
Prof. Dr Azmat Tallat
Children Specialist ( incharge children ward, Hayatabad Medical Complex.
Mr Nasir Azam Khan, Director General PERA NWFP.
Mr Omer Baig CEO OMROC (Pvt) Industries- Lahore

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